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Statement on Race & Racism

June 12, 2020

Dear Baby Botanica Community,

We write to share some thoughts on the circumstances, protests, police brutality, racism, and reactions in the past weeks (… centuries):

Simply put, Baby Botanica supports the movement toward equality and equity, Black Lives Matter, and recent protests unequivocally. We see birth work, maternity, and family as political topics, deeply affected by inequality, socioeconomics, race & institutional racism, privilege, history, medicine, health, sexism, suppression and oppression, and white supremacy to varying degrees. 

While we have a team of care professionals and Board of Advisors who represent BIPOC, different gender identities, sexual orientations, and religions, we are, indeed, founded and owned by a white woman in a predominantly white county. As such, Baby Botanica (both our care professionals and clientele) must and will address racial prejudice and disparity with focus, intention, accountability, resilience, and openness. 

We will not always get it right. We will always try, even harder than we have thus far, to authentically and thoroughly honor and embrace each family in our community. 

There is much work to be done, and we are committed to that work 100%. For now, this looks like supporting birth workers of color in our community, and Black children and women financially. We are dedicated to both healing as well as reparations. We are building educational programs for white families to address racism with young children and creating a book club dedicated to anti-racist literature and white privilege . This is but a start.

Please know that we will tolerate NO prejudice or racism in our virtual or physical space, be these macro- or micro-agressions. If this doesn’t suit you, we encourage you to find prenatal, birth, postpartum and family support elsewhere. 

We hope each and every one of our white community members will take the time to have difficult conversations, get comfortable being uncomfortable while you learn and evolve, dig deep into your own pasts and prejudices, and move toward a future entirely different from what we have known.  

With dedication,

The Baby Botanica Team

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