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Jon’s Daily Soccer “Clinic” with the Kids

So, schedules in the time of pandemics — definitely important for routine, normalcy, productivity, and sanity. And according to my social media feeds, there are a LOT of options out there, including:

  • the Pinterest version, which includes such things as decorating cupcakes with handspun sugar yarn sourced from pacifist Irish mountain goats while teaching your child the Greek alphabet; 
  • the Glennon Doyle example, which is kinda liberating and kickass and consists of pretty much starting strong and finishing strong and aiming for mediocrity through the middle of the day, with TV as needed; 
  • the Sporty Parent model whereby somehow people get out of this thing even fitter and hotter than when it started, all while training their 4-year-old for their first Ironman and making outgrown hair roots the next trendy iteration of an ombre; 
  • and the Child-Psychologist method that encourages decoding and adjusting for troubling overt childhood behaviors that reveal valid emotions bubbling under the surface (instead of simply classifying these behaviors as “super freakin’ annoying” and parents “losing their shit a bit”).

 I could go on, but you get the gist. 

Perhaps needless to say, our family schedule is none of these models, though has elements of each one. Our schedule would fall nicely into the category of “Getting By.” Sometimes with fun, sometimes with frustration, usually with the best intentions, and always with love, we are gratefully and humbly getting by. And this is, for now, my only goal.

So I’ll show you mine, and you show me yours! I would actually LOVE to see what you all are doing all day. How do you organize the hours? What do you do for yourselves? Or do you have no schedule and it’s fantastic and freeing? Tell us everything. In the meantime, here is my family’s lightly annotated “Covidication schedule,” that hangs on the fridge, and includes the good (hike with dogs), the bad (tick checks), and the ugly (ending recess to clean house).: 

It’ll do, right? Please do share your photos, schedules, stories, etc. about your days in the comments sections or via email. (Unless it’s too perfect. Then we just can’t handle it.)

Xoxo Jeni

PS Below are some snapshots from our four weeks (gulp) sheltering in place, including (clockwise from top left): Booch’s random blue Covid tail, Covid-19 pancakes (kids’ gallow humor), a tea party, sprouting seeds, a Chocolate Lab exhausted from too many walks, online school, and “spa treatments” while working.

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